Friday, September 09, 2005

a new model of reality.

we all have the ability to create a new model of reality. in fact if we aren`t doing so already we are living someone else`s now. it`s not important to know who`s reality we are living, but for the most it`s a mixture of parent`s, teacher`s, government, boss, etc, with some individual imput along the way.
those who do create thier own reality are the one`s living how we`d like to live, doing the things we`d like to do and having the results we`d like to attain. we can`t take over another person`s life like in the movie being john malkovich, and abduction and theft are crimes, so what do we do?
our whole life is made of the end result of planning. the things we see, feel ,hear, taste and smell drive our external world. they are the signals that we recieve from our environment that we react to, shaping our reality.
we store these sensations as memories and then feed them back to ourselves, in our mind throughout the day. we colour these memories emotionally to fit our ideas about the way things should be. these pre-suppositions are biases that we accumilate in our travels that are filters on objective reality.
these pre-suppositions are the fences we put around our spiritual property. they make our live`s what they are.
for the inquirer into the realm of meditation and spiritual developement the internal sensations are the key. when you meditate or pray images form in your mind and they take on the form of memories or situations that could happen in the future. these images are made of the same stuff that our external reality is made of. sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and sometimes smells. whereas the external reality is consistant and shared by everyone as it happens, your internal reality is plastic and is open to your ability to drive it any way you want.
the proof in this is easy. you are doing it already. just think back to a time when you made a firm decision in your mind about something and it happened precisely the way you planned. this was no accident. it began in your mind and you moved toward the image and it became real.
every spiritual teaching leads to this one thing. see it happen in your mind as if it happens with certainty and it will happen. it`s the one true thing.
it`s how precisely you see it, hear it, taste it, feel it and smell it that matters.
building a vocabulary of amplified sensory knowledge in your mind`s eye, as you meditate will focus your mind to making the events happen.
every building has it`s plans. from the simplest bungalow to the tallest skyskrapers. in minute detail. the minute detail of what you see happening in your meditations will begin to emerge into your life as you go.
i can`t prove that aspect. i know it works though, you have to do the visualisations to prove it to yourself.
try this. imagine an experience that you particularly enjoyed. see what you saw, hear and feel what you heard and felt. see the colours and shapes of things in your mind as you imagine the experience. make the colours brighter, turn the lighting up, draw the image closer and notice the feelings you get amplify. hear voices louder. smells and tastes more intense. these sub-modalities of the experience are the tools for making the feelings you get from the experience stronger. any time you want.
the visualisation doesn`t have to be real. it could be something you are preparing to do. see yourself performing the task perfectly, smiling, others smiling. see yourself taller, bigger and others reacting positively as you do what you planned to do and hear applause and cheering as you go....... this is your visualisation. notice how you react to the sights and sounds in the scene and choose more of the ones that get strong bodily reactions in your experience.
these strong positive feelings, the trills are the kinaesthetic anchors that you can fire off any time you want to in your day by doing the visualisation and amplifying the sub-modalities as you prepare to do the task that you visualised. try a fanfare of trumpets and then growl like a tiger and feel the feelings as you do this and smile knowing you you thrive on doing this stuff and will succeed.
i use this for puplic presentations to get in the right state to entertain, i use this for athletics, house work, writing and anything else that i can think of the just feel good for no reason. and live the life i want.

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