Thursday, September 08, 2005

thoughts have energy.

thoughts have energy. a good example of this is in the way people respond to what you have to say. if you are reasonable and supportive in communication with others you will tend to find that others are the same way back. if you are harsh and critical you will find harshness and criticism coming back at you.
this is an example of resonance.
people and things tend to want to resonate with each other. if you take a tuning fork and hit it sharply it will ring at a specific pitch. if you place the ringing fork against a glass the glass will sing with the fork. the material of the glass will resonate with the moving frequency of the fork and make the air around it vibrate toward your ear. your ears then transduce the signal into audible information that your brain decodes for you to recognise as sound. a whole chain of systems resonate to bring the tone to your ear. tuning fork, glass, air, ear, brain, conscious recognition of sound. all resonating at the same frequency.
this works with thoughts too.
thoughts vibrate out into the universe and set up resonance with other like frequencies. these bodies begin to resonate and align to sing together and soon feed back to the transmitter. the transmitter is your consciousness. the feedback comes back in the form of all that is in your life now.
happy? continue doing what you are doing and you`ll get more of the same.
if not, begin to build models of what you want in your thoughts. open a movie screen in your mind`s eye and play out movies of pleasant, positive events that you want to attract. dare to do it consistantly and it will become a habit that will attract these new things into your life.
it`s happening now anyway. in exact resonance with what you have been saying and doing all your life.
and it`s true for everyone else in the world for as long as we`ve been in existance on th planet.


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