Saturday, September 17, 2005


the amygdala is a gland that sits behind the eyeballs that does something rather interesting.
if you can imagine, in your mind, a peanut in your brain about an inch behind your eyes, you have approximated the location of the amygdala. the amygdala, once visualised in meditation becomes a tool for euphoric sensation.
if you can imagine gently stimulating the amygdala in your mind using a feather or cat`s whisker or imagine it has a switch labelled on/off that you can switch to on when you need to you will discover that as you do this you will start to experience tingling and a rising of pleasure inside as a direct response to your actions.
do it again.
do it again.
nice again.
the more that you do this stimulation exercise the more the sensation builds to the point where it will feel like a mental orgasm charging through your brain.
an explosion of neural firing that rushes like a drug because it is one. it is neuro-peptide mainline.
neuro-peptides are the drugs we make naturally in our bodies as a response to the information that our sense organs provide that make up our reality.
we make pain-killers, stimulants, ahrodisiacs, narcoleptics(sleeping pills) and a vast array of medications that drug companies can only dream of. we make growth hormones, digestive enzymes, atp, phynyle-ethyle-amine (the stuff found in chocolate that we create when we get hugged.)................the list is thousands of names long.
we do this in our minds and we can decide to make specific ones when we needto.
imagine stimulating your amygdala now.
endorphin creation process complete.

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