Monday, September 19, 2005

we are god.

i become agitated by this denial we have accepted deep inside ourselves, and i suppose i should realise why this is happening, but it is frustrating.
we live our lives being told by all the people who have power in our society that god is a seperate entity, outside our consciousness, who has made everything we see and has plans for us when we die. we are told that if we accept this on faith that everything will be o.k., and that heaven waits after we die and we will be welcomed into his house.
what a terrible arrangement. what was this god thinking? i don`t know of too many creative people who think about the object of thier creativity in such a perverse, manipulative way. that god sounds to me to be the creation of a pretty twisted mind. the only people i see acting that way are the kids who blow up frogs with firecrackers. malformed, preadolescent types who are heading for a life of minor crime and alcohol and drug abuse.
i don`t see the connection between subscription to a white bearded guy living in the sky and a life of happiness. in fact most of the shit that happens between people tends to be in this god`s name.
i see evidence for the fact that we are all god together.
i see evidence that all the goodness in the world comes from the decisions we make when we feel well inside. whether we choose good feelings consciously, for no reason but that they feel good, or whether we come about good feelings by accident and go on anyway. the results are the same.
no wars.
food to eat.
safety on the streets.
no bullshit.
all of this stuff is simple, easy to attain and doable now, when you realise that you are god. so am i. so is your sister, mother, cousin, brother, dad, friends, teammates and co-workers.
there`s nobody else here.
it`s got to be us.
we are god.

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