Sunday, September 11, 2005

sending messages back in time.

as your meditation practice develops there are things that you can apply your mind to. our mind creates our reality. this become apparent to those on the path to enlightenment in many ways. one way we can recognise our connectedness to everything is by realising that we can send messages back in time. time has been constructed semantically as a direct correlate of space. it becomes space/time in quantum mechanics. time needs space to function. time is consciousness moving through space and vis-versa. it could be suggested that consciousness it`s self needs space/time to exist. any more of that line of reasoning and we could get headache! the point is that thoughts exist in space/time and we generate them as seperate realities, each thought sending a new "us" off into a new universe driven by decision. a new space, if you will. this new space is made of information. it can be coded any way we want. we are doing it right now.
so let`s set up a transmitter universe now. and now set up a reciever universe. these two universes exist in seperate semantic universes intent on communicating with each other because you have decided they will.
the transmitter universe is set up first. we meditate on building a transmitter from a certain calender date. today will do. choose to send important information to the reciever universe back one week in time. any information you want to.
then you begin to meditate on setting up a reciever universe in your mind to recieve the information from your future.
as you do this practice you may feel the activation of certain areas of the brain that are unfamiliar to you at this point. blood flow and pressure is gently adjusting to do the extra work necessary to build this new semantic map of reality. just know it`s happening and welcome it`s abundance now.
it is important to do five minutes meditation, first on sending, then on recieving, each day until you see information coming into the recieving meditation that can only be from your future.
it is important that when transmitting that you focus on sending present information back in time one week. this may seem awkward at first, but as you become comfortable you will notice results appearing.

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