Wednesday, September 28, 2005

cartesian duality, and all that.

ok, so here`s the thing. matter exists seperate from mind, right? o.k. so if we remove mind from the equation what happens to matter? it doesn`t.
without mind, or consciousness, matter ceases to exist. it could quite easily still be there mind you, but with nobody to see it, it fails to actually exist. existance is a product of consciousness. i love how irrefutable that is.
if a tree falls in the woods and there`s nobody there to hear it fall, it fails to register on a consciousness. all the clever ironic points fail to change that fact.
our consciousness creates reality. therefore, our consciousness creates matter.
if we aren`t witnessing it isn`t existing.
it suggests to me that the act of percieving, because of the subjective nature of our thoughts, is specifically and accurately creating an external reality that mirrors our internal states.
happy thoughts make a happy world.
but people are starving in africa, etc.......
yes, there is a lot of crap thought out there, but your thoughts are vital to the equation. as soon as you get it and do it that means one less crap thinker and one step closer to.........well, you get the idea.

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