Saturday, September 10, 2005

why can`t we change?

the good news is that we can change. we have the ability and the methods installed from birth. the noise of our lives has created a state of confusion that has made it difficult to focus on the things necessary to change. learning to focus is the key to doing anything we choose to do. there are games played by psychiatry and the education industry and even religion that further cloud the issue of focussing our attention on the things we need to do in our lives.
our beliefs become molded by myths like a.d.d. and the necessity for a university education and the idea that there is a god seperate from us that is harsh and judgemental but if we do exactly what we`re told we get to go to heaven.
it`s no wonder we are confused.
the simple act of quietly clearing your mind of pictures and words for a few minutes will allow you to be able to have a clean slate to be able to put pictures and voices in there that make you happy. this simple process will make you feel good and be able to open up a world of comfort that will spread into your experience in ways that only you can imagine for yourself.
i can`t tell you what is right for you. your dreams, aspirations and desires are personal to you and are a deeply intimate part of what drives your life forward. take a few moments to evaluate what is important to you and what you would like to accomplish if you knew you could. and then run them in your mind as if they were happening. in your mind`s eye. like sitting in a movie theater watching the screen in the dark room. hear the sights and sounds of yourself as the star of you life and let the movie play to the end, as many times as you need to be able to get the feelings of excitement associated with knowing it will happen to you.
these are the true words of jesus in the bible. he was giving the keys to the kingdom of heaven so that we can live our lives. he was standing on the shore of the sea, talking to friends. not in a church. his words work in your mind anywhere you need to be. they are your words. your mind. your life. pretty cool idea, huh?

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