Thursday, September 15, 2005

what is god.

we are taught in the christian religion that god created everything. o.k. that is an explaination of who. what about why, how, out of what, etc. in all the time i went to school and listened to the religious discussions i accepted, for the conversation, that god created everything, but never did my teachers go into why, how, out of what, etc.
lets say, for a moment, for the purposes of this conversation, that i am god. why do i need to create people? am i bored? do i need worshippers? am i some sort of artist with ideas about societies and the type of species that will exist?
o.k. so i`m now god and i made the world. the mind boggles to try to make sense of all the stuff that goes on here. dirt is dirty, water is wet, the sun is hot and everything can kill you if you aren`t paying attention all the time. so i made this stuff just this way. i mustn`t like humans a lot. i must be like a kid blowing up frogs with firecrackers. that doesn` t make a lot of sense. on one hand i am an immesurably creative and capable person and on the other hand a cruel pervert wanting to kill in as many ways as i can think of full time.
but that`s what god has created. a very dangerous place to live. unless you`re a rock.
who would choose a dangerous place to live?
a person with no other choice.
this is where the christian view falls down for me. a god sitting on a marble chair in the sky that did all this wasn`t doing this for all the right reasons. to believe this was deliberate creates a self estimate in our species that is pretty limiting. hence all the wars, i suppose.
i think we are an animal with a spirit consciousness that is new to the earth-bound physical game. the challenges of survival in the state of the flesh is one of evolution, not of the physical but of the spirit. we exist here. we don`t know how or why or out of what, but it emerges, if we search and pay attention, that we create all that we percieve in a god-like way.
the only god-like action that i`ve ever witnessed is the action of all of us. i have to conclude that we are god.

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