Tuesday, September 13, 2005

negative to positive.

in order for us to move away from the negative it is not enough to choose to not be negative any longer. our society is on a curve of negativity borne of attachment to material gain. we all lie on a point on this curve and unless we allow the negativity to fall away by withdrawing from attachment to material things we will remain there. how do i do that in a material universe?, you might well ask. it is the most difficult task facing us in a material driven society. everywhere we turn the currency is possessions and money. we begin by realising that the goals we choose have to be spiritual. that is toward enlightenment. the careers we choose, the things we write and say, the way we communicate, all must contain the idea of non- attachment to the material.
as we practice this we slowly but inevitably sink down the curve of negativity. the negative then has less meaning in our lives. less anger, less hostility,agression, winning, beating, competing. more space comes into our lives for compassion and understanding, creativity, love and peace. our meditation will deepen and open up and eventually we will begin to rise up the curve of the positive in the universe.
the positive will come into our lives. things will be more authentic. we will be more authentic and assertive in our goals and direction. opportunity and attainment will come. we will feed, clothe and shelter ourselves well as a result. this isn`t poverty, this is real wealth, not only of money and things, but of spirit.
chasing the material out of desperation will make it a struggle. doing life out of love and a practice of devotion to spiritiual truth of meditation and non-attachment will open up the potential for all things.
when you are ready.

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