Saturday, September 10, 2005

audio hypnosis products.

as a hypnotherapist my voice is the tool i use to help people make changes in thier lives. the words i use describe images inside that have a powerful effect in changing behaviours. everything from stop smoking to wieght loss to phobias are covered in the product section of my site. the products can be ordered by credit card through paypal on the product page. each disk comes with a money back guarantee that if you don`t find relief then i will refund your money. i am so confident you will be pleased with the improvement in your health that the small cost of these audio cds will be of no concern to you now.
when you buy a cd you will be recieving a professionally recorded product in digital stereo incorporating a harmonic carrier frequency known as the schumann resonance. this frequency matches the pulse of the planet it`s self and is immediately recognised and matched by us living on earth. there is more information and links on the product page at there is a huge body of study done on this phenomenon and the benifits to all of us.
hypnosis delivers powerful commands to the subconscious mind allowing for effortless change of behaviour, when you order and listen to the disk now. the deep level of trance induced is safe and relaxing, allowing effective and permenant benifit in body and mind.
we have incorporated the schumman resonance frequency using synthesiser software incorporated in the protools recording suite used to record the sessions on the disks. again, there is more information on the website
if you are suffering from weight issues or struggling to stop smoking or find it hard to relax when you need to, try one of my audio disks with the money back guarantee and change your life now.

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