Tuesday, September 20, 2005

if it`s not on t.v. it`s not real.

if it`s not on t.v. it`s not real.
do you believe that?
then why does t.v. dictate what we wear, what we eat and what kind of car we drive?
we have been watching t.v. since the 1940`s. it`s a delivery system for entertainment, politics and consumerism, in other words culture.
who decides what goes on t.v.?
mostly, it`s a delivery system for corporate products. therefore it`s a mechanism controlled by large corporations.
t.v. is hypnotic.
the conscious mind watches the 450 dots per second of data fired out of the cathode ray tube that we call t.v. for about 15-20 minutes before deciding that there so little data being recieved that it begins to shut down the conscious brain wave frequency. what happens next is that the brain goes into a waking sleep mode for the duration of the watching session. this is a state of high suggestablility. hypnotic trance.
we spend a fair amount of time watching t.v. in a state of hypnotic trance. we watch commercials, movies, political commentary, comedies, and wars and it all goes into the mind in a state of accepting sleep.
the people who control the content of t.v. control the content of your mind and therefore the content of your life. unless you consciously decide to limit your viewing time and pay attention to how you respond to the content you watch.
notice how similar everyone`s choices are?
our tastes are dictated by t.v. , unless we watch less. then we can choose to get our information from different channels.
here are some simple rules for active t.v. viewing.
1/ mute commercials or get a remote that allows you to surf away from commercials on a timer that returns you to your original program.
2/ yell "bullshit" when needed.
3/ don`t watch when you are tired and don`t fall asleep when the t.v. is on.
4/ don`t watch movies on primetime. too many commercials by far.
5/ never watch news programs on t.v. unless there is an emergency.
6/ repeat #2.
what will happen when you do this enough is that you will find less and less need to watch the awful content provided as entertainment on t.v. and you will become more resourseful in your choices of media consumption.
without seeming sarcastic, here is a list of other media.
playing an instrument.
meditation. (best media there is.)
this is a short list of media that you can consume that can expand and enrich your life and exercise your brain and develop your creativity. you will then have flexibility and choice.

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