Thursday, September 15, 2005

the division between the spiritual and living.

we make a distinction between our spiritual practice and our living world. we pray. we meditate. we visualise. the insights and answers we gain there resonate in conversations and in the tasks of the day. but the expanded consciousness we attain in our reverie needs to come forward into each and every action in our lives.
what is the point otherwise?
if we have wonderful thoughts in meditation, quietly in the garden, why can`t we have those same thoughts while we are driving to work? while we are answering clients questions? while we are preparing a meal? having a root canal? waiting in line for a coffee?
why can`t we drive those concepts and feelings gained in meditation out into the everyday world where thy are desperately needed? the answer is that we can. me must giv ourselves the permission to share our experiences of divinity with others as a catylist for the growth and enlightenment of others.
the good feelings we immerse ourselves in are powerful enough tools to share with others by living them each and every moment, pushing back all else until a resonance is set up in the world of our consciousness that will be fed back by all aspects of our surroundings.
do not be afraid to share good feelings with others in simple ways like smiling.
smiling is the forgotten art of humanity.
children smile all the time. they sing, they dance, they make up games.
when we do those things out of a recognition of enlightenment we resonate and sing and dance and smile too.
this bringing forward of our spiritual practice out into the world to share with others is the greatest gift we all have. it is simple, powerful and doesn`t cost a thing but to remember to smile.

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