Wednesday, September 07, 2005

making and selling cigarettes is criminal.

making and selling cigarettes is criminal. if you or i were to manufacture a product containing over two hundred toxic chemicals we would be shut down immediately. if we were to make a product that was known to cause cancer in most organs of the human body we would be shut down immediately. if we were to deliver these products to the marketplace knowing that the majority of new users were underage, we would be open to the full penalty of the law.
the manufactures of cigarettes do all of the above with the full protection of the law.
the laws need to change.
will they?
the government has shown it`s blatant disregard for the health of the citizenry by encouraging the consumption of this lethal product and when pressed to limit the amount smoked, merely raised the tax per package, solving nothing.
if cigarettes are to be removed from culture permenantly the laws have to be changed.
the laws will change automatically when the cost to health care outwieghs the tax revenue. the government recently prolonged that process by significantly increasing the tax per pack and it is inevitable that they will do so in the future.
we all know people who`s lives have been shortened by smoking. thier health severely compromised, thier quality of life diminished and finally taken from them entirely.
it`s a crime.
in real terms it`s murder.
a conspiracy to commit murder.

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Anonymous said...

Please tell me this is satire.
Who are you to force someone not to smoke?
Remember what you wrote about jaywalking...

"to state that you gave someone a ticket for thier own safety is plainly a false arguement"

How is cigarete smoking any different? If you are serious, I suggest you see a therapist for your meddlesome preferences.

And to suggest government should change the "laws" to protect us is ridiculous considering governments killed 260 million people in the 20th century (not counting military)...