Tuesday, September 27, 2005


the things we have in our lives are derived from the choices. our house, our friends, our computer, our careers, etc. all stem from choices. sometimes the process illudes our conscious understanding, yet our lives go on around us all the same.
here`s an experiment.
try to stand up from sitting in your chair.
what happened?
you will be unable to get up. you have made no firm decision to do so.
you tried.
what is a try?
a try is an attempt. the start of a process which allows failure.
to avoid this trap in the future decide to do it instead. see yourself rising confidently up and out of your chair, prepared to meet the challenges of your day. you will then find that your body will take over and meet the demands of your mind.
the choices we make are the key element of doing. what we choose to do with certainty and the skill and resources needed will occur.
choosing is a matter of deciding also. choosing/deciding. it is a feedback loop that leads to accomplishment.
without it we remain seated in our chair. trying to get up and on with our lives.

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