Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the ability to change the world.

what are we supposed to do with the ability to change the world? i don`t think we can change the consensus world. what i believe we can change is the one filament of existance among many that is unique to the self. i think that there are exactly as many worlds as there are examples of consciousness existing in parallel. it`s the only way that i can support what i will say next. in my world, what i imagine comes to fruition. what happens in your reality is true and concrete for you…….even if i differs substantially from mine. my consciousness contains a version of you that responds to my world-view even though the same is true for you.for us now here on the planet there are approximately 6.5 billion streams of reality ripping through space/time carving out reality. each of our experiences is different for each of us in direct relationship to what we generate via focus and meditation. this all happens while we still all have a groundstate of shared reality to fall back on.two parallel realities. the collective and the individual.each individual is a copy of the original with re-write and editing functions enabled for those who know how.this is the gnosis that was esoteric enough to be kept for the initiated.you can choose to live the default reality as a passenger and take what comes, or get your spiritual sleeves rolled up and create a new world full of love and passion and discovery by opening up your third eye and looking through it onto a screen of new ideas and outcomes.

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