Saturday, September 24, 2005

which is better?

is it better to live in luxury, given the choice, or choose less because there are others who don`t have the right, opportunity, talent, skin colour, gender, spiritual understanding, etc?
my answer is that the luxuries that i can afford allow me to communicate more efficiently and help people with my skills.
there is a group in india that sweep floors. it is thier job. they use short handled brooms even though the longer handles, which are readily available, would save thier backs. i am uncertain of thier rationale in stubbornly continuing to sweep floors stooped over with short-handled brooms all day, but it is of greater value to them than thier ongoing discomfort.
it seems that even though we react to the story about the sweepers with surprise and puzzlement the majority of us continue to do many things the most difficult way possible and we have no idea why.
we hate our jobs, we are tired of relationships, we are bored, stressed, overwieght, smoke cigarettes, are argumentitive, dishonest and disloyal.
what the hell is going on?
we`ve stopped believing in the fantastic. we remember it. we recognise it. we envy it,resent it and hate it in others, but we don`t make any attempt to create it in our own lives. the most that most do is to watch rich and famous people have lives on t.v. and in movies.
pretty sad.
does this sound like you?
are you feeling uncomfortable yet?
do you call yourself a loser, or do you wait for others to say it for you?
don`t get angry with me though, get angry with yourself for recognising yourself. you did it to yourself and only you can change your situation.
it`s not easy or instant either. it takes firm focus and the determination not to let bullshit into your life anymore.
any facet of your life that limits you in your quest to be happy must be removed or simply ignored in order for you to get a straight shot at what you need to do to be happy.
we all know what we want but are afraid to leap out into the darkness, not knowing what lies beyond.
we all know.
that thing.
right there.
seems impossible.
you will prove it sitting there pissed at me for pointing out the obvious.
now, which is better. pissed off and motivated or depressed at your situation?
you`re welcome.

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