Thursday, January 18, 2007

1984 is upon us.......

...........only 23 years late.


Fleming said...

Dr. Allstair, I discovered your blog through another blog's Comment page, and I'm impressed not only by the quality of your weblog but also by the similarity of our interests. I'm taking the liberty of adding a link to my blog FLIGHTS OF PEGASUS.

Please let me know if you object. Meanwhile, I'll be reading more of your weblog.

BBC said...

I can't watch the movies because I'm on a slow modem.



I own my property free and clear.

I have the best neighbor in the old lady next door.

I've learned to stay away from these needy women that want so much when I need so little other than a hand to hold.

I have beer. :-)

dr.alistair said...

fleming, thanks for linking me and i look forward to exchanging comments in the future.

bbc, you said it perfectly with regard to needy women......

it is harming them as much as it is us though.

that is the whole point about mind control. i believe the whole "feminism" thing is a game to destroy the family.
i am still niave enough to think a woman would enjoy holding hands and walking by the river occasionally, then i wake up and realise how conditional relationships are.........