Sunday, January 14, 2007

movie review........

as a new batchelor i find myself occasionally with some time on my hands and will rent a movie to while away the time.

i thought i might share some of my observations about some of the works i have viewed.

i watched the new miami vice last night and my youngest boy fell asleep moments into it and my oldest kept saying that he felt i wasn`t ever going to end. at 132 minutes running time i could see his point.

the movie was intense and interesting throughout without directly ripping the old tv. series completely, and while the two characters crocket and tubbs were still there, played by colin ferrell and jamie fox respectively, the film could have stood alone as a cop action film.

the cinematography was of the highest caliber and fans of light aircraft and fast sports cars are amply entertained, though there desperately needed to be a car chase at some point during the proceedings as the appearance of aston martins and ferraris tend to make one want to go fast with merest hint of an excuse.

the one detraction in the film in my less than humble opinion was the love affair between colin farrell and the hideously ugly li gong. the intimate scenes between the two were ruined by that poor woman`s unfortunate countenance. my apologies to you li, but for christ`s sake...........keep a straight face woman.

as for the story, plotline, tension, character developement etc. it gets a passable 6/10 but went on about one love affair too long.

it would be nice to see it return to the small sceen though, but i won`t hold my breath.


BBC said...

Einstein stated that at some point in time folks need to stop reading books and start thinking for themselves. The same goes for movies. Books and movies are just boxes.

I watch some movies of course, but I'm careful about what I watch.

Interesting blog, enjoy the journey.

BBC said...

If we get tired of being Gods we will want someone else to take over for us and be the supreme God over us.

I'm not opposed to that, but I don't like to think of the results of it being the wrong one.

I prefer a more evolved and grown up collective consciousness doing it all collectively.

dr.alistair said...

well, yes.....there are those who would believe, or have us believe, that it is in our nature to create a higher god.

i have always questiioned that.

for me it`s plain to see that there is nobody at the helm, so i have dared to take my turn to steer for a while. who knows, i may get tired and want to sit back and have someone else drive for a while but right now i`m keen to push things where i want to go.