Friday, January 12, 2007

here`s a slower reminder.......... relax and remember a time when you smiled comfortably and in fact couldn`t have removed the smile from your face if you tried.

see what you saw then and look at what was going on that made you smile so uncontrollably and remember how that made you feel now.

where is that feeling inside?

is it a general warm glow.............or a sharp insistant excitement?

does the feeling spin around or just expand all over into a powerful sense of well-being that you can use to do what you want to do now.........right now.

don`t even think.

just do it.


jlhart7 said...

Does that mean I should be worried if my well-being is excited rather than languid? Maybe I should just be cool with how I feel when I'm excited or placidly happy or whatever, as long as I keep in control. I'm probably wrong, though. I have the feeling I'm wrong about everything. Guess that's not a happy feeling, but then, I was feeling happy, frankly, until I read your post telling me how to be happy. Then I started wondering if my happiness was too samsara-ish. You know what? I think I may not always be wrong after all. I'm just gonna be excited if I feel like being excited, and if I don't go hurting people, Buddha can suck it. Thank you for your thought-provoking ideas. Have a happy day.

dr.alistair said...

great response.......

i`m not telling anyone how to feel here though. that`s your choice. i just find it instructive to see how we can create the states we need, when we need them.