Thursday, January 25, 2007

the little monkey.......

.............sat in a tree surrounded by his family and his abundant food sources and protection from predators fifty feet below on the jungle floor.

one day he decided to got for a poke around and found himself far from the cover of the jungle and out in the savannah amongst the tall grass in the domain of the big cats.

by the end of this one day he had stood up and shed his hair for the most part and his brain capacity had exploded and his skull was forced out as a result. his dna had alterred also, without the usual mutational deficits, losing a chromasome pair.
he had learned to build fires and hunt animals for food and discovered metal work and agriculture and construction.........

not all in one day. but certainly before he got hungry or got eaten himself.

so this little tale is one that scientists want our children to know is the truth about who we are as a species.

and any other idea gets laughed out of court. literally.


BBC said...

Darwin was right of course, it's just that his work was incomplete and we still have more to learn about it all.

And those frigging religious monkeys just keep slowing progress up.

They think God is the creator when in fact God is only a spirituality. That just happens to like boobs.

We need a science that can reprogram these damn modern women, they have gotten to far off track and are evolving improperly.


Fuck it.....

dr.alistair said...

women enjoy being reminded about the last time they felt good about feeling good.

conversations that head in that direction have meaningful destinations.