Tuesday, January 23, 2007

my contribution to the happiness of others.

apon reflection i would like to offer a list of what i consider to be my contribution to the happiness of others.

the methods that i use in my practice.

my writing. (though, at times is seems to have the opposite effect.)


willingness to help.

politeness in public.

the occasional iconoclastic diatribe in public and in print.

i give these things without condition. it is my nature to be this way. it is symbiotic.......in that i don`t expect conditions in return, and for the most part this works........

just live and be happy.

it is a choice.


Charles Bergeman said...

Thanks for the thoughtful response.

I am coming at this as a person who has made a significant investment in relationships. I find that the happiness of those with whom I have made this investment is important to me.

To the extent that I can bring them happiness (I agree, they take the primary responsibility), I do.

I found the hooker (rent vs. own) remarks particularly off the mark, in that regard. I am assuming that this was in jest, and of course, I have been known to make similar off-the-cuff remarks, so don't get me wrong.

It is just that I feel intimate relationships require that each party be equally concerned with the happiness of the other. Not simply for physical gratification, but genuine concern for one another.

Maybe this is why I had less "success" with the ladies than some of my buddies when I was single.

But I really don't care to have that type of interaction with an intimate partner.

It is just as likely that I am being used, as the other way around.

Jon said...

Politeness in public? Dude, I hang out with you. Neither of us are polite, especially to people who don't deserve it.

dr.alistair said...

charles, one cannot always be the sainted one.
the bit about hookers was um, a reaction to some of the mercenary attitudes we come into contact with amongst the fairer sex......

i have never personally consumed such services......consciously.

we are, as i`ve stated elsewhere, set at odds with women for sociological reasons. we are easier to manipulate as a culture when divided.

dr.alistair said...

oh and charles, how would you feel if one of the people who you had invested in decided to leave?

dr.alistair said...

jon, what we do in public is personal........these people have no need to know......