Monday, January 15, 2007


i am a media analyst.

the media that i tend to focus on professionally is the human one.

the interface that we as humans are between transmission and reception of memes, dna and consciousness.

there is a great deal of discussion recently about emerging media and the sinister manipulation that it is involved in to get us to do certain things for specific reasons.

most seem to miss the point that this is all driven by us and for our benifit.

we are the only one`s here. there is nobody else. we are doing it.

you are wearing the ipod. you are reading this on your computer or blackberry or whatever............and you are continuing to transmit this message.

you are the media.

emerging into the next thing that we are about to experience.

it`s pretty frightening to think how fast things are going to change in the the next while......but look at what has changed so far, and we are ok with it.

in fact some have to really think to see what has changed.

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