Sunday, January 14, 2007

an idea.

what if we got so bored of being gods that we decided to forget we were gods......for just a short while.......and experience life one day at a time and have to physically do everything instead of willing things to happen?

kind of a dumbass thing to want to try don`t you think?


Yves said...

So where do you stand on this personally, Alistair? Bored of being a god or not?

dr.alistair said...

i`m like the rest of us all here, caught in this whatever it is, trying to wake up.....

i can best describe the sensation as falling asleep on an afternoon and becoming disoriented while trying to fully wake up again as the covers are wrapped around you and try as you might, you can`t struggle free.

i just know there`s a meta-conscious state on the periphery of our existance......i`ve experienced it briefly on many occasions......

like being drunk and stoned and in love and champion and defiant and free and victorious all together in a flash.

or it might have been that acid trip in 1983.

ar an alien abduction.

or something.

Charles Bergeman said...

My God membership card must have been lost in the mail.

My feeble attempts to will things things to happen have been fruitless.

dr.alistair said...

it`s all about technique.
i wouldn`t say fruitless need to give yourself a wee bit more credit than that.........

BBC said...

We, mankind as a whole, needs to become a well oiled collective consciousness working well together in order to be a good collective God.

dr.alistair said...

i think we already are. i tend to be well satisfied with the result too.

have you seen the mountains lately?

and that sky.........magnificent.

and kim basinger?

this whole thing is a miracle emerging in front of us......and some of us even recognise it.

Charles Bergeman said...

I was simply stating that for me, as a human, it takes more than will to make things happen.

I must also have the means.

dr.alistair said...

that`s the materialist`s view in a nutshell.

all of what we have and have done begins with a thought that forms a picture in our minds.

this picture gets us talking in specific ways about what we are looking at.

it is this process that forms the reality we experience.

including the means......

do you think the architect knows how to drive a cement truck or hot weld girders?

Charles Bergeman said...

No, but an architect must have the means of seeing his design through to completion.

If he is unable to convince people to invest in his vision, and the people to build it, land to build on, supplies, and time.

This may be a materialistic way of thinking, but is also realistic and practical.

If you mean simply having the will to stick it through till it's done, regardless of the obstacles, that is a nice thought, and I would agree.

However, having the will alone, without making a conscious effort to aqcuire the means to accomplish your task is (or as Bob would say , "seems to be") unreasonable or irrational.

dr.alistair said...

i think where we are missing each other is in the definition of the term "means".

in my world one must believe in the possibility, the absolute certainty, that what you are doing will succeed.

when you do that and see it as completed and take time to see yourself in that reality as if it has already happened, then the means and the opportunity and the people become available to you to make you vision real.

this isn`t fantasy or magic or unreasonable or irrational. it`s exactly how we all do what it is that we do to form our reality. it is the true esoteric knowledge.

and we are already doing it every moment of our conscious existance.

if you don`t like the outcome......change the approach.

see a different set of outcomes for yourself.

Charles Bergeman said...

Part of the problem may be that I have set my goals very high.

I have been unable to be satisfied with the incremental advances, that leave the goal still well out of reach.

I don't give up, perhaps that comes from my dissatisfaction with getting only part way.

The means to accomplish my goals have not been easy to acquire, and the obstacles are forboding at times.

I don't know if I will ever get there, and perhaps I am not meant to. It is, or seems to be, what keeps me going.

I will likely write more about this on my blog at some future date.

dr.alistair said...

it`s more to do with how you see your plans coming to fruition.....

do you see yourself in the big success that you`ve set for yourself as a goal?

does this excite you when you think about it?

or do you get upset wondering how, when and why?

what kind of message do you think you are sending yourself when you feel certain ways about things?

and , of course, when i say yourself........i mean god.

when you frame yourself as god this way, the bible takes on a whole new meaning doesn`t it?