Wednesday, January 31, 2007


of all the millions of dollars raised to "save" the homeless, how many have been given a house?


Hammer said...

Homelessness is usually a symptom of a larger problem like mental disease or addiction problems.

Habitat for humanity is pretty good at helping families that fall through the cracks.

But I'm wondering where do the millions go?

dr.alistair said...

in simple terms yes, homelessness is a symptom of addiction and mental illness.

the issue of where the millions go is like taxation.

the foundations that freely collect charitable donations are, like government, entities that are self-serving. the vast majority of monies collected are absorbed by on-going multi-million dollar ad campaigns. and habitat for humanity is as guilty as the next at that.

meanwhile the homeless congregate on street corners below advertising boards encouraging us to donate more money to the cause.

BBC said...

When I think of homelessness I think of the millions of people in other countries that are homeless, or misplaced because of wars and such.

There is a large homeless group in my area, it draws them here because there is so much support for them here. Not all of them are screwed up though. Some just didn't get lucky with life.

I study people like that a lot, I stand right in soup lines with them and watch and listen. Some of them are real good folks, they just can't handle the pressures of modern society.

Habitat for humanity seems to build a lot of homes here.

BBC said...

“nanotech......that`s a dicey one billy. google "grey goo"

So was screwing with nuclear energy doc. No one really knew but what it couldn't start some weird chain reaction. But we're still here. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes. I personally believe that it will be okay.

And if something we do destroys us, well, okay, nothing I can do about it. Damn, just in case, I think I'll go over to Ricks shop for a few last beers.

No point in any beer being left on this frigging planet if there is no one here to drink it. LOL

dr.alistair said...

yeah, i still think that nuclear is risky. not the technology or the process but the people in charge.

the nano thing would be great if we could make things from scratch.

what would you make?

not handling the pressures of modern society......

that`s a crime in some parts.

paris said...

homelessness-it's all over even in Japan when I visited there a country i found to be so clean you could eat off of the streets go shopping and place your bags outside to door of the next shop you were shopping at with no worry that anyone would even steal or shoplift it yes indeen they had their share of the homeless too laying under bridges inside cardboard boxes eating out of the garbage cans from behind the stores a country i thought was so wealthy and one that i thought took care of their exactly how many were given a home i haven't even heard of one situation the real thing is as it has always been if you can't help yourself than it's your own fault or you can't be help i do believ that's our govenments moto:

BBC said...

What would I make? Hell, you would ask. But I know what is coming. :-)

Virtual reality.


I've experience some of it already.

One day you will put on a suit, or walk into a room, and have the best sex with the hottest woman that you have ever had.

Without the bullshit.

No kidding.

Hey, I just did an extra post.

BBC said...

Hey you little pecker head. Do you see me and Hammer making you use word verification on our blogs?

Just saying.

dr.alistair said...

the word verification is there to stop spam. i used to visit a site of particularly um, thick-headed types that didn`t believe in "repressing" people in such a way........once the site hit 100 or so hits a day, the casino and cialis ads started to appear.

i hope you understand.

and, yes i knew the answer.......v.r. is going to be an interesting sociological contagion.......

paris, i think the world is a little harsher than the schoolteachers let on. travel is one of the best se for yourself how other cultures live.

life is what you make it.

i`m just glad i`m a resourseful person. many are not. they end up wandering around talking to themselves and picking through garbage cans.

billy hit the nail on the head when he talked about some people being so materialistic, well we live in a culture where it is virtually a crime to be poor or disabled because you are percieved as being less able to contribute to thier desire to get stuff.
it`s one step from pure fascism.