Friday, January 12, 2007

a reminder.

just a quick reminder to find something to smile about.

my father used to say "keep smiling, it makes them wonder what you`re up to".

sure dad. i don`t really give a fuck what they think i`m up to, just as long as they`re not trying to get in my way.

so smile you miserable bastards.............and that means you too chris.


Yves said...

It must mean me too, yes I must be a miserable bastard then. This morning as I dropped off K at work I saw a guy smiling relentlessly and infectiously. I found myself forced to smile back, but I was very glad to get out of there.

When he and his woman had come round to our place for drinks some weeks ago, he not only smiled all the time, but constantly found something to smile about. His jollity was so all-devouring that every topic was simply a coat-hanger on which some droll remark or anecdote however threadbare would be hung. There was no escape. I remained silent, avoided eye contact and entered a black hole of boredom.

In the end I was so bored that I unconsciously induced stomach cramps and retired with apologies. Just seeing him this morning brought back a ghost of the cramps.

But I don't suppose you'll sympathise.

dr.alistair said...

no sympathy yves. you are determined to re-install certain feelings that you feel are valid. i don`t make judgement about that. we all operate according to pre-suppositions about what we are experiencing.
you found the happy guy annoying. i can understand that.
you don`t want to be annoying.
i understand that too.
still, smiling is benificial to the brain and body neuro-chemically. things just work better when we smile. it`s just a simple biological fact.
it would be interesting to know what other things you associate with smiling in others......
my list goes something like this;


these are some of the things that i feel when i see people genuinely smiling and enjoying eachother.