Thursday, January 11, 2007


to some this is a paranoid view, but i assure you that thee are those who control the media for thier own purposes.

it has been my most enduring interest since i was a child. i was raised by a jesuit who felt a desperate need to have me exposed to indoctrination from an early age, and for whatever reason i noticed a pattern to his concern that struck me as alien to my best interest.

i am begining to realise why now.

lord bertrand russell was one of his favorite people and alan watts discusses russell`s views in the interview above.

i would be interested in your comments if you have some time to listen to the interview as i feel that it encapsulates my view that we are being manipulated into thinking this society is a good deal.......


Charles Bergeman said...

I listened to this today while I was doing something else.

I cannot say I got all of it, the accents, poor sound quality and similar sounding voices between the host and Alan were confusing.

However, I think I got the jist of it.

I read a book a while ago by Jon Ronson called "Them - Adventures with Extremists".

He engages an assortment of interesting characters from political, religious, and socialogical fringes who all believe in the Bilderberg Group. The secret rulers of the world.

He even walks right in on one of their fabled meetings in the bohemian grove (near where I live).

I honestly don't know what to think about all this.

My brother is a ultra-conservative Libertarian living in Western New York. He not only believes this, but also subscribes to the 9/11 conspiracy along with most any tale that implicates the government and large corporations.

I find it difficult to live my life in fear of such a worldwide conspiratorial group. I guess I have been pacified by the brain manipulations they speak of.

dr.alistair said...

the very tools the manipulators use can be used by individuals to get on with thier own lives.
it really doesn`t matter who is in charge as long as you understand the mechanisms at play.
the bureaucracies that we interface with daily are fairly benign in our society......we live in a peaceful prosperous long as you pretty much behave yourself and don`t get too ambitious or rock the boat by calling the game too loudly.......
alan watt gets a bit depressing at times and he must be chewing on a bit of something unpleasant to keep on the same point over and over. i just find his historical perspective fascinating. he has a brilliant scolar`s mind. it`s a shame he`s living out in the woods in northern ontario.
the problem with believing is that you become fixed in a way of thinking.......
i don`t believe alan watt so much as appreciate the perspective his research brings.
governments have been behaving badly since history was first written down. why would ours be any different?

jlhart7 said...

Yeah, paranoia can really make you miserable if you let it run rampant. Even though (if?) the Powers That Be have nasty tricks up their sleeves, I've found I can't just hide under the bed and avoid anything that might be a mind-control technique.

dr.alistair said...

the powers that be absolutely do have nasty tricks up thier sleeves......look at wako texas, or ruby ridge......

but still, it takes two to tango. if you hole yourself and your family up in the woods and stockpile weapons and refuse to pay taxes..............

i realised some time ago that everything is a mind-control technique. so i tryed them on myself.