Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Richard Bandler how to get over fear!

one of my teachers demonstrating the physical methods of changing feelings. i do this type of work with clients daily and it is profoundly effective.


BBC said...

I can't think of much that I fear. Been around too much without getting killed, maybe I was just lucky.

Hell, I've spent 63 years now on a violent planet, sometimes doing stupid things, and I'm still alive. Not much point in fearing anything at this point.

Well, there is modern women. LOL

greg said...

That puts a new spin on things! Thats great! I recall some old teachings that described the differences how the aura of "natural psychics" swirl opposite the direction than "practiced" ones. I had vague sense of the flows of energy while doing Taiji, but never was able to go further into either studies.

As a famoulsy hestitant artist (hence frustrated), this was very helpful to learn the flow of fearful/sapping emotional currents and assertive/ empowering ones.

How can I learn more?

AJ said...

Dr. Alistair,

Pretty cool method!
Have you ever heard of the group dynmaic group called EST back in the 80's?
I attended a group in the midwest called Lifestream, which seemed to be similar to this group you have shown. VERY powerful stuff.
So, when can we get together and start a self awareness group of the new century? I hear there's a bit of money in it!

dr.alistair said...

well, this is the core of the work that i do with clients.

the fear that richard is refering to is the thing that makes you stop what it is that you want to do. it`s nothing to do with bravery.

so many people are unaware of how conditioned to reacting out of fear in situations where they aren`t in any sort of physical threat at all.

speaking to a beautiful woman for instance.....

she`s not going to kill you......but you act as if she has the potential to chew your head off....and so you don`t smile and talk casually to her about something that you`ve taken the time to notice that she`s interested in...

instead you go inside and generate as much fear as possible and then say, "oh, there`s no way she`d want to talk to me....."

and you miss a perfectly good opportunity to flirt with a pretty girl.....

est and a number of other groups that emerged in the late sixties use powerful mind control methods to control large groups of people who were hoping to improve thier lives. scientology is another example of promising one thing and delivering another.

mainstream religion has been doing this for centuries.

richard bandler impresses on his students that this is is for the empowerment of the individual.

greg....e-mail me and we can talk further if you wish.

aj...a self awareness group sounds like fun.....as long as it doesn`t end up like joneston.

dr.alistair said...

modern women? there is a lot to be afraid of there.......

but they want things too.

like companionship, romance.....etc.

it is modern society that has set us all at odds.

wait until you see the next video i`m going to post. it explains a lot about who has installed the fear in all of us and why.

Yves said...

I'm obliged to you yet again Alistair for getting to the heart of something that I don't understand.

I still don't understand NLP other than to have the reaction that it is profoundly against nature and the opposite of where I am at.

Where I'm at is not any final place, and to be vehemently opposite anything is pretty much a danger signal for me.

Just as fear is. Fear is an instinct vitally important in keeping any animal alive. We too are animals. This does not rule out the possibility that we have fears which are against our best interests, but it is not for the stupid intellect with its competitive, driven, greedy motivations to try and walk roughshod over the fear which stops us getting killed every day and keeps us out of situations which will do us no good.

dr.alistair said...

richard bandler, and myself as a result of his work, are able to help people with conditioned fears......

like public speaking or speaking to an attractive woman or making more money.......

Yves said...

Ok, I am sure you have your place in the market, but it's a whole different world that I don't live in.

I will only speak publicly if I have something worth saying and judge the audience ready to listen to it. If a woman is attractive or not makes no difference, I am not trying to get one because I am in a monogamous relationship. I will speak to one if I am moved to do so but her attractiveness would not be the spur.

Making more money is a concern but there is a large class of things I will not do to get it---I call them "compromises". If I were desperate - in debt, homeless, hungry - that might mitigate my fear of compromise.

I suspect I am not like one of your clients with conditioned fears. But you spoke truly when you said in another post that we create our own worlds. Mine is populated with other people than yours!