Friday, January 05, 2007

esoteric vs. exoteric.

plainly stated it is the hidden vs. that which is obvious.

the exoteric is what the media want you to see as everything.

the media is run by people who want us to be kept from the esoteric for some fairly simple reasons, some of which i will point out here for clarification.

1) if we believe that this is all that is going on then we will follow the rules and continue to get what we`ve always got, even though we are more than disappointed.

2) if we begin to poke around behind the scenes we are increatingly shocked to find that the media is full of shit at every turn.

3) when we begin to research the esoteric we begin to find different ways of doing things that make the other ways redundant.

what is the antidote to the exoteric?

stop consuming the deliver system of the exoteric. that is, any and all media, unless it is made and delivered directly by the artist responsible for the work.

this is exactly why blogging is vital to the exploration of the esteric. it is a media that allows the voice of the artist to be delivered directly to the reader.

i have to include youtube with blogging as well because the visual is as necessary as the literary in delivering the esoteric message.

now, having said this, it is necessary to be involved in the exoteric world as a human being and it is my hope that as more people read the emerging messages of the esoteric that it will become the new exoteric, or plainly seen world.

maybe the 2012 predictions are about the emerging esoteric...........


Yves said...

Oh no. The media are just people like you and me. Who is running this conspiracy? The devil? It's nothing more than a symbiosis. The suppliers give people what they want. The suppliers are interchangeable with the customers. You and I are part of this.

The esoteric is everywhere and we must not assume that there is anything which anyone can do which prevents anyone from being aware of it.

There is no such easy solution as what you propose. On the other hand, the solution is even easier! Too easy for me to describe. As you have said in another post, to protests from me, "We are perfect" - does perfection exist in everyone but the media?

dr.alistair said...

no, the media is a form of perfection also.

but here is where i disagree with you about what media is. media is not groups of people. companies that manipulate media are made up of groups of people, but media is a ground state for something else. humans themselves are form of media. a delivery system for culture, technology, viruses, mutations, support for other species and quite possibly the means to an emerging sentience.....

the esoteric is everywhere but one has to ask why, given it`s presence, how unaware society is of it?

the answer i believe in the delivery of fear through media. fear of an unknown......the esoteric.

Yves said...

Well, I’m going to shock you by agreeing with you emphatically, via the following argument:

(1) The ladies and gentlemen of the media like everyone else, are in their jobs to get paid.

(2) In this world things are set up that in most jobs you are not paid to speak honestly or to produce honest & world-friendly goods. In fact your salary is a kind of compensation for the discomfort of dishonesty.

(3) The esoteric is a delicate plant which cannot grow in the soil of dishonesty.

By dishonesty, I don't mean things like failing to label food properly. Labelling food, in my view, is part of the dishonesty, because it props up the false notion that we need food products with mystery origin and mystery ingredients in the first place. It is equally dishonest to lay on us stuff about cholesterol, five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, and so forth. It implies that we are unable to know what food to eat without intervention by those more knowledgeable than ourselves. It implies that the manufacturers of these “food products” have our interests at heart, when it is pretty clear that they don’t. For example, in Britain the suppliers of canned sodas and potato chips (which we call crisps here) bribed schools to install vending machines on their premises. The scandal was only stopped when a celebrity chef Jamie Oliver made a public scene about it and embarrassed Tony Blair, another media celebrity, to take some decisive action.

Why do I speak of food? It’s just one example but to know what is good food, based on traditional diets, is a form of esoteric knowledge. It was obviously possessed by our ancestors, because we are here!

I’m convinced that our esoteric knowledge is of the same nature as that in birds who know how to build their nests and how to migrate long distances. Yes, the media in the broadest sense including politicians who set our agendas conspire, unconsciously or consciously, to wipe it out.

What are we to do?

dr.alistair said...

the only thing we can do is to think for ourselves in a vigourous way.
you nailed it by pointing out the obvious regarding the food habits of our ancestors.
regarding food, i seriously doubt that our society can exist for much longer on food so dangerously synthesised that it provides little in the way of actual nutrition. we are stuffed full and still malnourished.
when we challenge current forms of thinking as you have we run into the barrier of "qualifications" of curse. the person listening to your statements about food can easily brush them off by asking how you know such a thing and where you attained your training in nutrition.
my answer is to ask them whether, knowing what they now know, would they feed thier dog that crap.
the vigourous thinking mut be applied to religion, culture, divinity, freedom and everything else important to our existance.
and don`t try to convince others too intensely.
there is an old saying that goes;
don`t try to teach a pig to dance, you`ll get tired and you`ll anger the pig.
the esoteric is for the seeker. seek fellow seekers.

Yves said...

I'm going to write a blog post on this topic but I cannot use the word "esoteric" because I don't approve of its meaning---that there is knowledge only for the few & the elite. But we will get round this, never fear. Thanks for the inspiration.

dr.alistair said...

the fact that the esoteric is for the few is rooted in the mechanisms of indoctrination that culture is made of. the mere fact that you recognise the esoteric and have some means to finding it makes you a part of it also. i doesn`t make you elitist as a result though.
there are those who consider my attitude elitist but that`s because it`s easier for them to think that than to think that i actually have some insight.
the phrase "there`s nothing new under the sun." is not only`s a cop-out also.
the esoteric lies where the sun cannot go.

Yves said...

If I can have anything to do with it, there will be something new under the sun. The esoteric will show its face in the light of day, changing its nature of course in the process.

Before the world, I give myself a challenge, to put my ideas of the universal spiritual not only under the sun but in the UK Sun newspaper, though it may have to wait till Rupert Murdoch is in his grave.

dr.alistair said...

i believe it`s not only high time that the esoteric was revealed, but that we are the ones to bring it into the light.
the unfortunate nature of the media is that it has a habit of trivialising the important while glorifying the mundane. the sun newspaper is a classic example of this.
much like attempts to be autobiographical tend to be taken as lies, whereas fictions tend to taken as truths, the media is taken in a polarising fashion by the consumer.
the solution?
tell stories, make things up and suggest the miraculous.........and avoid too much can get you crucified.

Yves said...

Here is the post I said I would write. It pays homage to your inspiration though as usual I take a rather different line.

dr.alistair said...

thanks point about the conspiracy of media is that we all try to manipulate and as people attain access to more means of manipulation they become more, um, manipulative.......or powerful, if you will.