Saturday, January 27, 2007

the answer......

the answer to the test below is that, objectively, there is a car sitting in front of a building.

now, here is where the fun begins. there are those who have subjective opinions about all manner of things that they associate with the image presented.

some call these opinions projections.

we do have to be careful that we don`t act on these opinions as if they are fact, which is the purpose of this kind of test.

they are valid for the person making the evaluation, but not necessarily a shared view.

the shared view, or objective reality, is that there is a car sitting i front of a building. one can go as far as to describe the colour of the car, time of day etc., but once one starts to guess or suppose, then the projections begin.

now, having said that, these subjective observations can be valid, but as to whether they are true or not is the reason why, for the purpose of this little test, the answer is simply that there is a car in situated in front of a building.


renée said...

...good life lesson - just simply see without judging!

dr.alistair said...

absolutely. this is the cornerstone of my work and the focus of my "philosophy" if you will.....

drop the judgement.

not only for the external reality, but for the internal one also.

this was the attraction i had for the buddhist view.


watching things flowing by.

the dogmatists want there to be rules though.......

so i just sit and watch that go by too.

Yves said...

Yes, but you seem to be attached to the car.

dr.alistair said...

objectively it`s just a car. that`s the point of the post.

subjectively i love the car. it`s awesome. to me it represents everything about one`s ability to transcend the mundane and just scream down some autobahn somewhere with the mozart up at full blast.

total auto porn.

when i go on x-box 360 i get the effect of the blast as i scream through downtown tokyo or through the streets of london or new york and then the feeling dissipates and i no longer feel the need...........for a while.

BBC said...

Geez doc.....

Would you please stop talking like a fucking shrink that thinks he knows what in the hell he is talking about?

LOL (hugs)

Besides, my vehicle can whip your vehicles ass. I'm not kidding, I have a special relationship with my vehicles. :-)

Being a little new to my blog I don't suppose you saw my post on the Pissant Express.

Hey, tell me something. Do you currently have a mate??

dr.alistair said...

do you actually think i`d be posting as much if i had a fucking mate?.............and i`m not a shrink.


BBC said...

Ha, ha, ha... I thought so. Welcome to the club.

The club of men worldwide that have started on their journeys of enlightenment after being fucked over by one too many godless, needy women. Others can tell you all about them, but we need to start a whole club that can stick together.

Was it Gandhi that left his needy greedy wife and started on his own journey? So many names in my head anymore that I have trouble keeping some sorted properly.

We are at this time in space and time babbling idiots, but we are going that direction, toward the future. Collectively we will bring a new enlightenment to the future and the world will be a better place.

At least I fucking hope so, our future depends on it. Have a great day Doc.

dr.alistair said...

and there`s no way in the world that your vehicle can whip mine........i have a special relationship to mine also.........

greedy, needy....

you hit the nail on the head there brother.

we (my ex and i.) are just at the begining of the judicial phase of that one.

so i do have something in common with gandhi. hmm.

BBC said...

A judicial phase?


Man, I've sat in courtrooms and watched women I knew lie through their teeth, and get away with it.

Good luck, maybe she won't be like that. There are a few fair women on this planet.

The others are just Gods reminders to us who we don't want.

Jon said...

You'll have another thing in common with Ghandi when you start drinking your own urine. It's actually quite good with rum and a squeeze of lime. ;)

dr.alistair said...

god`s reminders.

well, now i know one more thing i don`t want.

rum is pirate piss. i`ll take the single malt please.

and lime is for pansies.