Tuesday, January 23, 2007


why is the buddha smiling?

this is the title of a book i spotted today at chapters book store.

i have my own ideas as to why he`s smiling, but i was intrigued to read someone else`s view.

i was disappointed. i should have realised that there is dogma in every religion and so this `ism was no exception.........

the writer never actually adressed the smiling bit actually.

so why is he smiling?

he finds shit amusing.

but you already knew that.


BBC said...

I’ll tell you why the Buddha was smiling.

Because there was funny shit in his head.

Shit like…..

I jumped for the saddle, the saddle wasn’t there, I rammed nine inches up the old gray mare. Come a tie my pecker to a tree to a tree, come a tie my pecker to a tree.

Oh, fine lady walking by, nice tits, I’m screwing you in my mind.

Things like that, oh, and the fact that he just decided to give up and be amused by all the antics of the fucking monkeys walking around pretending to be humans.

dr.alistair said...

giving up is the key.........just give up and be amused. it`s a simple as that.

but people cling to the game of "let`s be serious now......."