Wednesday, January 10, 2007


i have noticed myself intellectualising more recently. now this isn`t necessarily a bad thing ocasionally, as i bill myself as a navel-gazer and self-propelled deep-thinker, tends to clog up the flow of energy that makes everything happen when one tries to label and predict everything.

so this posting is about simplifying.

we are energy.

what we see is reality.

we make what we see happen by talking talking to ourselves about what we just saw.

the closer you look at something, the less there is to see.

so step back and see the big picture.

we are just making it up as we go along.

there is no time like the fact that is all there is.


Yves said...

Yes, this reminds me of dreams too. I was just commenting on a post of Freyashawk about dreams.

I don't understand all this talk about the present, about "now".

I'm definitely grateful for the past, for memories, even though I know they distort, for they help prevent me falling victim to the hyped-up claims of my environment, my culture---inputs generally.

I am also grateful to Nature. To walk on country paths is perhaps not dramatic or exciting to a teenager, but to me it shows some enduring values . . . though they will not ensure forever and in this freak winter (the warmest ever known, with butterflies and bees around, and swallows declining to migrate, according to the newspaper) who knows what casualties will occur?

Tell me please, where are we to find "the present"? Or rather can you tell me what is not the present?

dr.alistair said...

the present is all we have. as information reaches the consciousness it is registered and stored in memory......once.

we can remember these experiences but they have been heavily edited, distorted and deleted by our own homeostatic ego, which wants things to be as it believes it to be.

we have an idea that the past exists back there somewhere and yet we know that the future hasn`t happened yet, even though it is startlingly predictable....

the present is what consumes our focus. it is the wonderfully absorbing state that we experience when we are completely not thinking about what went on in hte past or what will happen in the future......

pathologically speaking, no depression or anxiety.

totally absorbed in reading or walking or playing with friends or some task of work.

peace. contentment.

easily and simply attainable through practice of releasing one`s self from the dialog of focus on a past or a future time.........

my most recent post delves into what i believe to be some of the more insideous reasons why we have been conditioned into depression and anxiety......and the reason why i have studied religion and philosophy.

there is a radio interview with a chap called alan watt who lives just north of toronto and runs a website called
in the interview he discusses who the people are who manipulate the media and how they do it.

i was raised by a jesuit. i began to learn some of the true esoteric games at an early age.

listen to the interview if you have a chance.......i`d be interested in your views.

dr.alistair said...

sorry, the website for alan`s work is;

there are many interviews and what he calls blurbs hosted there that go into what i`ve been discussing here.

and he names names.