Monday, January 15, 2007

the reason why.........

.......................i am continually posting this seemingly diverse stuff is because i`m constantly repeating the simple fact that we are the one`s who are creating reality.

the media is desperately trying to convince us otherwise, but the fact remains..........

what we see in our minds as fact becomes so.

when we shut out all of the extranious noise that media delivers then the message becomes clear.

that`s why i`m such a harsh critic of media. it disrupts the creative flow of energy that we are inately able to channel to create all of this stuff around us.

turn off the t.v., stop reading the newspaper and magazines full of bad news and fear............. and let the flow of creative energy align you with your purpose and create the ideal outcome for all that energy in a meaningful way.

when you look at it that way it seems to be that much more likely to work, doesn`t it?

and the alternative is to argue religion and politics expecting the solution to be provided............


Charles Bergeman said...

I don't see any reason to abandon media all together. There are still plenty of informative, inspiring stories told in the media.

Is it wrong to get inspiration from the media? I would agree it is wrong to obssess over it, just as I would suggest it is wrong to ignore it.

Creative Energy can emerge from surprising places.

As for noise, I sometimes have to leave my home, when my wife and daughter generate too much "noise".

BBC said...

You sound kind of like me. I keep telling people that they have to stop reading books and start thinking for themselves because books are nothing but boxes. Others boxes.

But do they listen to me? Noooooo.

They just keep reading more books and making their minds more mushy because they read the wrong kind of books.

The only thing I know worth knowing about our spirituality and what we are I learned from the cosmos, not from the stupid books out there.

I won't be getting an X-box, no time for silly games. I built and raced real cars at one time.

Hey, drop by for a beer some time. We'll sit in front of a fire and swap yarns.

dr.alistair said...

yeah, listening to the cosmos. the quiet persistant message that comes through in moments of quiet.
the media is a vast noise-maker, a basher of pots and pans and yeller of inane cries to distract us from that quiet persistant message.....that says we are safe here all together. we are part of the same thing......nothing can hurt us.......the stars shall hold us and the mountains shall keep us warm.

my children are noisy buggers too, bless them. i thrill to thier sounds and thier love and thier want to be with me......killing me with thier ray guns and plasma swords.........only to race together through the streets of london at 230 mph.

then they go to learn to sit still for hours on end and listen to bullshit coming out of the mouths of people who`s minds have allowed themselves to become schoolteachers.........then we get together and laugh and play and race and kill some more.

to sit by the fire and have a beer and excange tales......

yes, thanks for the invite.

Yves said...

When you give your advice through your blog, in your client sessions and perhaps elsewhere, you are part of the media so far as your listener is concerned. So for your message to get through at all, above the message of the adverts and the manipulators and so forth, you are relying upon the discrimination of the listener.

To me, it's that discrimination which makes all the difference. I have faith in human nature, believing that those whose discrimination has been fucked up by experience will refine it when they encounter something which touches them more deeply. It has to come with love, kindness and integrity. It has to respect the individual. It has to be wise.

Even a child can distinguish between donuts 'n' Coke and real home-cooked food. The trouble is, the child is not offered the home-cooked food.

dr.alistair said...

i`m not sure what you`re trying to say here yves.

Yves said...

You are just another input to your client. Why do they listen to you and not other inputs? Only because they have inbuilt discrimination.

Discrimination is all that matters.

dr.alistair said...

most of my clients are referalls from the medical profession.

there is a sort of acceptance amongst them that if a doctor would recommend me then i must know what i`m doing.

that and the fact that i get to the issue quickly and offer solutions to those who are willing to do the work.