Sunday, January 28, 2007

science tries to catch up.

the headline suggests that science has finally tackled hypnosis.

i wasn`t aware that it needed tackling actually, but science, being the sort of thing that it is obviously felt the need to tackle it.

and if you read the article you realise that science hasn`t tackled it at all.

science merely took some steps toward finding out some of the things that happen in the brain when hypnosis occurs.

i will tell you right now for the record that science wants two things out of this;

1) to be able to say they`ve discovered what makes hypnosis work thereby claiming that they`ve discovered hypnosis.

2) to be able to say that they are now able to offer degree courses in the "science" of hypnosis and you will be able to practice hypnosis once you have thier degree.


BBC said...

Umm, it's too late for me to address this after a long day. All I will say is, give science a chance, it is after all a journey and God is a scientist.

Hypnosis is actually bullshit, no one has ever been able to hypnotize me, without sticking her tit in my mouth.

dr.alistair said...

well, some people benifit greatly by what i do with the process of my hypnosis, along with a bunch of other things that science also wants to claim for it`s self.

tits are a form of hypnosis though, without a doubt.

so much so that you get caught looking.......but that`s part of the game isn`t it?

dr.alistair said...

and god is also a hypnostist as well.

and someone who can`t be hypnotised.