Monday, June 19, 2006


recently i am hearing and reading about being "awake" with greater frequency. being awake in terms of an amplified sense of a wareness of things . not just being in a state of functioning in the world but actually seeing the source code........seeing the pattern of life laid out like a map with all the details and the traps, pitfalls and snakes in the grass that await the unsuspecting traveler.
then other times i`m blind and asleep, deeply unconscious and wandering through life like a robot.
rarely though.
i see how plainly human we all are. the pope is a man. the bureacrats are children in suits still bullying, the cops are so scared they have to carry a gun. the politicians are full of shit like they were as kids.
when you wake up you see this plainly.
sometimes you don`t really want to.
sometimes you are staggered by how asleep most people are.

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