Monday, June 05, 2006

the spirit in the normal.

too often people on a spiritual path will find themselves deep in philosophical concepts trying to derive meaning in thier lives. meanwhile life is swirling around without them as they sit reading or meditating or listening to a lecture or reading blogs like this. life is persistant and pervasive. we have to go to extreme lengths to shut it out.
the tragedy is that many succeed.
the very essence of spirit is in what is going on around us each moment of our lives.
notice it.
there are insects under rocks and microbes in the drinking water and molecules in the grains of sand all alive and ocillating with life.........yet we have been convinced to try to stop the flow.
get ocillating.
watch the birds on the wing and the clouds moving across the sky and the shift in the smell of the wind as the storm approaches........and you will begin to become a part of it again.
"there is a rustle in the headgerow".

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