Sunday, June 25, 2006


how do you treat yourself? what i mean is how do you talk to yourself? how do you talk yourself in or out of what you want to do?
the voices we hear in our heads make us feel so many things...........these voices are snippets of conversations we have heard and things people have said to us and so many other things....lines from songs or movies for instance, or poems or stories that we have read.
all of these ideas come back to us in the form of voices in our heads. these voices have volume, tone and persistancy. just as if a real person was right there talking to us.
seems as if we might all be a little crazy, right.
not really.
it`s perfectly natural to have a dialog running in our minds. it`s a steering mechanism for our consciousness.
it`s only the psychiatrists that have a problem with the process.
now, here`s the interesting thing; we can say anything we want to, in any tone of voice and for however long we want to.
in our minds.......any time we want to.
even when the boss is standing right there, and there`s not one thing he can do about it.
because he can`t possibly imagine what`s going through your mind.
so how are you going to talk to yourself from now on?

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