Tuesday, June 13, 2006


i have been reading a bit more recently, as my computer was off-line all week-end, and i picked up a book about logic and reasoning and it brought to mind some of my early study of nlp (neuro-linguistic programming.) and how it`s rooted in the logic of aristotle 2000 years ago.
aristotle called us the reasoning animal.
we are also the emotional animal, but that`s another story.
logic is based on reason.......if we dig hard enough we will find the cause for things......if we are patient, disciplined and, of course, schooled in logic.
the thing most people miss is the schooling.
what are we left with if we don`t have at least a basic understanding of logic and reason?
emotion is quick, easy and feels right.......sort of, and gets us into trouble by confusing, jumping to conclusions, blaming and plain not getting the facts first.
emotion is a powerful tool in arguement by it`s self. people are swayed by emotion all the time. one can be intimidated into taking the first offer if you don`t have the facts and don`t believe you have time to get them.
logic and reason are habits that allow you to take time to learn the reasons why things are happening and find out the full extent of your options. then in the calm light of reason take the first step.
a good first book on this topic is called being logical, a guide to good thinking, by d.q. mcinerny. it is the book i`m re-reading and as simple and accessable as it is it gives a good basic understanding of how we think and reason and draw conclusions, for right or wrong.
i recommend it.

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