Monday, June 19, 2006

how are you doing?

good and bad things happen to all of us. it`s not what happens to us so much as how we react to situations that decide who we are. so much of what i love about sport, and life it`s self, is this simple fact. the winners decide to win before they play the game.
decide to win the game of life the moment you wake up in the morning.
show yourself the best thoughts possible.
expect the best possible outcome.
put yourself in advantagious; in front of the people who will consume the product of service you provide.
too many people plan in thier mind to do things and yet they never tell thier legs to get going.
many times you see the pretty girl you would like to talk to and you think of clever things to your mind, while she drives off in her car.
dare to make mistakes and see them as practicing for the real thing. over and over...........hey, at least you are talking to people who you find attractive..........eventually someone will find what you have to say interesting, funny, charming and honest.
unless you think you are so special that you are different from the six and a half billion other people on he planet and that one day someone will magically appear out of a star trek transporter beam into your life.
do you really believe that?
this is what i believe. i believe that there is enough of everything out there in the world for everyone who truly believes they can have what they want and can meet thier goals.......especially because most talk themselves out of the game first thing in the morning.
so now you have an unfair advantage.

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