Thursday, June 15, 2006

it`s all about love.

love is everything. it is the manifest and the process of manifesting. it is the energy of the universe, the gravity, the weak and strong electro-magnetic force and it is inertia and time as is our thinking, our breathing and our will. it is the thing that makes everything just the way it is.
choosing love is the choice of existing in tune with the universe.
there is a language of love that we recognise at the cellular level. love is food for the cells and for the nerves and for the blood vessels and for the brain and the heart.
we recognise others in love. we see it in thier eyes and in thier walk and in thier gestures. we can see it so plainly that we have to actively force ourselves to look away if we don`t want to see it.
it is easy to be in love in the universe. just say you want to be in love in the universe and you will be.
hold that though..................................for the rest of your life.

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