Thursday, June 08, 2006

a test of my faith.

sometimes something happens that changes your life. you work hard and study and plan and work some more............and then there are setbacks. things happen that are well out of your control that come down hard to make you doubt that there is a rationale to this existance.
we causually call these events setbacks........especially if they happen to someone else.
but life has to go on and so you dig down and find reasons to continue. with some faith that things will improve you keep rowing your boat and your friends support you and keep you going through the darker times, and you do your work and find the place where your mind can rest for moments at a time............and you face your situation with all the strength you can imagine.
and then, against all your expectations, you recieve news of a solution to the problem..................
and you know your life is going to return to some semblance of normalcy.
to my friends; thank you. you know what has been happening. to those who don`t; take my word for it, it`s been a challenge.
it`s not over yet though, but at least i have a plan.

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