Tuesday, June 13, 2006

technological challenges.

my modem died so i took it back to the cable company as per thier instructions and they gave me a new one. after a half hour on the line with tech support i finally got signal on the device and i can post again.
i love technology when it works and i hate it when it doesn`t.
we are slowly becoming more and more dependant on technology for our daily routines.
since the modem stopped i have gone through withdrawal from e-mail, blogging, surfing, and research that up until six years ago i wouldn`t have been able to do at all. the internet has changed my life and the life of millions of people around the world. one of my favorite writers, marshall mcluhan, predicted this "global village", driven by high-speed computer communication, that would reduce the percieved size of the planet measured by the time it takes to send and recieve information. in a hundred and fifty years since the invention of telegraph the world has shrunk a million fold. in the four hundred years since the invention of the printing press the world has shrunk a billion fold. how much further is the world going to shrink in the next ten years?
are you ready?

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