Thursday, June 22, 2006

internal states.

when we think about things that have happened and things that are going to happen we show ourselves pictures and talk to ourselves and as a result we get feelings that make our legs go. we then go about or daily tasks.
most people are unaware that we can direct the types of things that we think about. we find ourselves having all sorts of emotions during the day, a fair amount of which is destructive. it`s not that these thoughts are even real. they are mostly suppositions about things that probably won`t happen, but we worry all the same.
this constant conflict has a wearing effect on our nerves and reflects in the stress we feel and the decisions we make in our lives.
the only hope we have is to take on a practice of focusing on the positive in our lives and processing these thoughts to fuel our existance.
then out of this unconditional love we have for ourselves we have to do some radical things.
here`s a list;
stop watching the news.
stop reading newspapers.
tune out negative conversations in your environment.
only promote the positive in your own thinking.
leave the politics to the others.
now, i have to say that the negative is a natural part of our existance and we have to deal positively with challenges that we face on a daily basis but here is no need to consume the negative as entertainment in the newspapaers, magazines and on t.v.
we are worth so much more than that.

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