Wednesday, June 21, 2006

what excites you most?

what excites you most?
are you planning to do it again?
why not?
excitement is a propulsion system that drives our life. we remember the feelings we had when we were excited and we want to attain that feeling again. so we plan to get there.
or not.
which one are you?
i`m the one who loves to be doing things that are exciting. i plan to remember how i felt the last time i was doing the things that excited me.
i remember the sights, sounds and other stimuli that triggered feelings of pleasure within me and in so doing this re-enforces my desire to want to do those things again............with the absolute certainty that i would feel the same way.
and i`m right every time.
our neurology all works the same way.
if you show yourself the right pictures and talk to your self the right way you will feel the same feelings.
it`s the feelings that make your legs go.
the better you get at churning up the feelings the beeter and harder and faster the legs will go........and they will carry you right to where you want to be.

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