Sunday, June 18, 2006

i love articles like this.

the industry of predicting the future, whether it be from a technological, religious, social, political or spiritual standpoint, is one of entertainment. many people come to my seminars on stop smoking or weight loss for entertainment purposes. they don`t have the slightest intention of doing the work to change behaviour, but if they feel they`ve been entertained then they feel they`ve got thier money`s worth.
from ogden to chomskey, from al gore to david suzuki, from the dalai lama to the pope. it`s all show business. the bigger the event, the better. when the pope came to toronto a few years ago there was almost a million people jammed into a field and the sewage system overflowed. there`s a comparison for you!
the point is that we can`t predict the future but it is enjoyable to see how some subscribe to the belief that someone can and see an industry built around them.
one thing i will predict though. humans will continue to behave pretty much the same as they have for thousands of years come monday morning.
you can bank on that.

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