Wednesday, June 28, 2006

some thoughts on god.......

o.k., so if you or i were god what would we build?
given that we have created everything and made it as awesome as it appears and made men and given them thinking and love and all this come there is so much unhappiness?
yep........i have come to the conclusion that we get into piling up ideas and concepts and types of thinking to the point where we forget our humanity and our direct access to god.
if you and i were god would we want to have people forgetting about us?
i wouldn`t.
so, what`s going on?
we have forgotten our true nature by being distracted by bright shiny things.
the competition for these bright shiny things is a brutal struggle for some form of peace of mind.
the ad in on t.v. says you`ll be better, fitter, stronger or whatever if you have a certain product. so the divine creature that we are that has forgotten who we are and has decided to get caught up in a game of material feel good about being alive degs, borrows and steals to get the new bright shiny thing.
and then doesn`t feel any better...........
so this descent into a "hell" of material things continues.
until you look up from your catalogue and look in the mirror and recognise the divine in yourself.


Allison said...

Well said.

AJ said...

You have made me aware how horribly materialistic, shallow and vain I have become.

I will take an oath in the future to give all my hard earned money away and find the Shangra-la that they say is still somewhere in Tibet...only first I need to run down to Circuit City to buy that new large screen Plasma TV for the weekend game and party.

dr.alistair said...

i have a big t.v. too.