Wednesday, June 14, 2006


those who are happy by default are blissfully unaware of how they are that way. those who aren`t so happy and wish that they could be don`t have access to the means to do so. there are exceptions to this rule but they are rare.
here`s a question. does happiness come from within or from without? another way of asking this question is; do we find happiness inside our own thoughts or do we need to be made happy by material things or by the actions of others?
for the majority of people alive on the planet today and those who have gone before us, the answer is things and other people.
so by the metric of the huge majority of thinking, we are made happy by others and by things.
so we need to get things and have people do things for us to become happy................
i think that`s a poor way to arrange things frankly.
what if we could just show up happy in the first place?
then we wouldn`t need to do anything or provide anything for anyone else unless we wanted to, by agreement or choice and we certainly wouldn`t have to have things to be pleased.
so how do we generate good feelings inside so that we can be happy?
that`s the subject of the next post.

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