Thursday, June 01, 2006


a friend of mine is a bono impersonator. he sings in a u2 cover band and travels around the world doing shows. he was asked to do a private party for a large corporation and was announced as the surprise guest. there was no announcement as to who he was and so nobody knew who was going to appear. after the event it was announced that he was in fact an impersonator. the e-mails his manager recieved after the show were interesting. some e-mails stated that the show was great and that bono was amazing, some e-mailers were upset at being fooled and others were convinced he was really bono even though it was announced that he wasn`t.
this is an intersting comment on human perception and reaction.
some were happy with the "deception".
some were angry at the what they felt was a deception.
some were entertained and happy.
some were determined to keep the original feeling of actually seeing bono.
a bit like religion and politics.

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