Wednesday, June 21, 2006


as a student of divinity i study religion, spirituality and philosophy. these schools of thought are negotiating to be the one that accurately describes the world and man and the meaning of our existance. each one either overtly or covertly demeans the others at times in the vain hope that they can grasp the top spot. this is typical human behaviour seen in all areas of our existance. i think what bothers me most about this behaviour in terms of consciousness is that all of these fields want to seperate us from the concept of god.
there are six and a half billion of us here all looking around at everything and most are convinced to look for god under rocks and in trees and deep in the ocean or high in the mountains. we are sent on a lifetime of wild goose chases, argueing over dinner about who`s ideas are right and fighting wars and killing people who don`t believe precisely what we believe.
doesn`t this all seem a little silly when described this way?
i have another view.
i think that we are all part of the same one god. we are all capable gods as a part of this one great thing that is rocks and trees and mountains and oceans and everything else we see, hear, taste, smell and feel.
why else to we feel what others feel and hear, taste, smell and see what they do if we are not connected?
there are those who would bind us to obligation and performance by creating a seperate, judgemental god that has to be lived up to and who`s love must be earned.............but that sounds susupiciously like some nasty people i know that want to control people for thier own twisted reasons.
a creative, loving god wouldn`t create and love a shitty arrangement like that and test a group of people without giving them instruction and set people amongst each other like that.
i think something else entirely is going on.

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