Tuesday, June 06, 2006

we enslave ourselves.

"if i had a million dollars i would be happy".
fair statement, right?
most people who have that kind of money have it tied up in a mortgage or investments. they then go to work at jobs they dislike, working with people who the dislike and commuting through traffic jams to get there.
they have enslaved themselves.
they are working for thier money.
the money doesn`t make them happy at all. it makes them miserable having money as a boss...........a slavedriver.
what`s the alternative?
if you have a million dollars in a mortgage...................sell.
rent an apartment and slow down a bit and listen to your heart instead of your head.
the head that got you into this jam in the first place.
the ego wants the big house..........your heart wants a rest.
the love you feel wants to grow into a lifestyle of peace and grace and enjoyment of life........instead of chasing next year`s model.
that`ll kill you.

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