Monday, February 06, 2006


as a healer i am asked to help people with a variety of ailments, from anxiety to phobias to some issues that the medical proffesion wants to be the only ones to be able to treat. SO I HAVE TO REFUSE TO TREAT THESE PEOPLE. if you know what i mean..........
when people come to my door i explain to them that they will be spending a few brief sessions with me but thier wellness will be for the rest of thier lives, so they have to include themselves in the process of healing.
they have to undo what they allowed to happen to themselves in the first place.
a person with lung problems has to stop smoking before thier healing can begin. a diabetic has to take on better eating and excercise habits. these are things that aren`t magic, shamanism or faith healing. they are common sense that seems such a shock to some people.
i constantly hear about diabetics on a raft of medications to switch off thier liver and then wake it up again that continue to overeat and fail to begin to move around a little more each day. what do they expect will happen, a medical miracle?
what has to happen for healing to occur is for two people to come together in healing to decide to do what it takes for the one person to get better.
actually, the client can do it on thier own, if they know how. but who has the time to learn?
i provide the knowledge, the support and the energy to begin a person on thier path to wellness.......when they decide to take responsibility for thier wellness. now.
give a person a fish and they eat for a day, beholden to the person who provides the fish.
give a person a fishing rod and the knowledge to use it effectively and the person can eat for the rest of thier life.i din`t want my clients coming back weekly for years. i want them to get better. i want them to stop smoking and learn to relax and eat better and exercise and enjoy thier lives. now and then i meet someone as motivated as me.
it`s rewarding.

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